Who is mr. stat?

mr. stat, inc., based in Warrenton, Georgia, compiles and maintains golf statistics from tournaments of international fame to club events at local levels. Each golf tournament is important to its participants and organizers. We believe golf results should be recorded for golfers of the future to enjoy and compare. We want the golfers of tomorrow to know who won the tournaments of today and yesterday.

Joey Kaney, while playing on the Hooters/Jordan Golf Tour in 1994, began hand-figuring statistics for that Tour as a hobby. (We continue to compile statistics for the NGA/Hooters Tour in 2005.) Joey had been referred to as "mr. stat" by friends since the mid 1980’s due to his detailed recording of his own golf stats,. With the name mr. stat a natural for the company, Kaney asked his then 12 year old daughter Heather and then 9 year old son Hogan to help come up with a company logo. Heather drew the golf ball man, Hogan did the writing, the logo was complete and trademarked, and mr. stat was born.

In November 1994 we began working with the Sarazen World Open and continued to do so during its 5-year stint in the United States. Beginning in 1995, the Georgia PGA Polo Golf Classic allowed us to begin keeping their golf statistics and we developed a very thorough statistical history of their event before it was discontinued in 1999. Several local clubs also began to let us work their club events and mr. stat, inc. was off and running.

Now in 2005, our 12th year, we compile statistics for the media rooms at the PGA BellSouth Classic, the LPGA Chick-fil-A Charity Championship, and the Champions Tour Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am.  In addition to the NGA Hooters Tour, we also do statistical work for the Georgia PGA Section, as well as the Georgia PGA Junior Tour.

mr. stat, inc. is available not only to place your tournament results on the web for the world to see (click on Ga. Almanac and view Willow Lake Country Club, a wonderful small town golf club in central Georgia), but also to record any golf event into a mr. stat tournament book that will give you a permanent hard copy statistical record to use and enjoy. If you would like your tournaments listed on mrstatgolf.com or should you be interested in our services for an event at your club, please contact us online for more information.

Thank you for visiting us and please keep mrstatgolf.com as a stop during your Internet travels.

(mr. stat is a registered trademark of mr. stat, inc., 166 Hogan Drive, Warrenton, Georgia 30828 USA)

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